All ’80s Lunch

Time After Time we hear the 80s is the best decade and well, it’s true! So Chuck’s going Back to the Future, umm, well to the ’80s each work day at noon. So grab the Aqua Net, throw on your Member’s Only jacket, and do the truffle shuffle to a full hour of power ballads, synth pop, new wave, glam metal, and more!

Everybody Wants to Rule the World, but we just want to play YOUR favorite 80s tunes. So Come on Eileen (and Billie Jean, Mickey, Jenny, Paul Revere, Jessie’s Girl, Jack & Diane, Peter Piper, Romeo and Juliet. . .you get the point), send us an email here because It Takes Two to make the All 80s Lunch go right. . .but we will do it With or Without You!

The All ’80s Lunch is brought to you by…